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​Entries from 2017
January 2017

Year in Review: The Refugee Crisis in 2017

From the mass exodus of refugees out of Myanmar and South Sudan to escalating returns of Afghans and threats to send back Syrians, refugees faced a crisis of resources and institutions in 2017. We look back at some of the major developments during 2017 .

Save-the-Date Campaign on Refugee Reunion Bill

The only family members explicitly allowed to join adult refugees in the UK are their spouse or partner, and their dependent children who are under the age of 18. 

Unaccompanied children who are granted refugee status in the UK have no right to reunite with even their closest family members – and out of all the countries in Europe, the UK and Denmark are the only ones to deny them this right. It should be noted that the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child has now urged the UK to “review its asylum policy in order to facilitate family reunion for unaccompanied and separated refugee children.”  (  Read more  HERE )

"The Journey" - a short animated film about a refugee

After winning a global competition to create the first official music video for Elton John’s ‘Rocket Man’, Iranian refugee and artist Majid Adin has teamed up with Help Refugees and Blinkink to create ‘The Journey’, a short film depicting the struggles of a separated Syrian family fleeing their home. The film follows a young Syrian boy whose home has been torn apart by war. Separated from his family during an aerial attack on his home, the young boy embarks on a long, dangerous journey to be reunited with his parents. As many families gather round Christmas trees, open gifts and share dinners with relatives during this festive holiday, countless child refugees battle freezing conditions, isolated and alone. Close to 1 in every 200 children across the globe are now displaced. Visit our Gallery to view the film.