Urban Myth - Refugees come to Europe for the social benefits. Not true. Most refugees are not aware of the benefits - they move to be with family. Only 8% of refugees seek to live in Europe.
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  2. the shells that once held life now stand empty
  3. Why are the refugees fleeing to our country?
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  5. over the border to safety
  6. Idlib tragic loss
  7. The apocalypse of Damascus - a world heritage site
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  12. Flight of the butterflies
  13. The oddness of war in its aftermath; or photo manipulation?
  14. hunger and desperation
  15. Hidden Miracles: old and young
  16. you think war can't touch you?
  17. Fascism and Facades
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  19. nothing is sacred in war; dirty players
From Tragedy to Hope

Though refugees have suffered horrendous tragedies and hardship, people who care are coming together aross the world and forming volunteer groups in every country where refugees can be found. Most of these groups do not get support or funds from their governments. We are just ​​​​​people helping people. When we come together to solve humanitarian problems, we become more than the sum of our parts. We are a human family.
  1. hunger can drive a person crazy
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  6. unity, diversity, help and hope
  7. a little goes a long way to safety and security
  8. a little food to warm the stomach and the heart
  9. one man's trash/rubbish is another man's treasure
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  11. art as therapy
  12. Toilets sanitation health and imagination go hand in hand
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"The Journey"

Iranian refugee and artist Majid Adin has teamed up with Help Refugees and Blinkink to create ‘The Journey’, a short film depicting the struggles of a separated Syrian family fleeing their home. The film follows a young Syrian boy whose home has been torn apart by war. Separated from his family during an aerial attack on his home, the young boy embarks on a long, dangerous journey to be reunited with his parents. As many families gather round Christmas trees, open gifts and share dinners with relatives during this festive holiday, countless child refugees battle freezing conditions, isolated and alone. Close to 1 in every 200 children across the globe are now displaced.

A compelling 62-minute film following the scandal of what happened to the almost 2000 lone children who were in the Calais Jungle as it burned down last year, most of whom had a legal case to be in the UK. What went wrong? Where are they now? And what can we do about it? 

Click on photo image to see trailer or visit the director's website at: