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Thursday 15th March 2018
at  7:30 pm
Tullie House Museum, Carlisle
A film by Ai Weiwei
PG-13, 140 mins.

A remarkable and touching film, Human Flow was shot by 25 film crews in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, France, Greece, Germany, Hungary, Iraq, Israel, Italy, Jordan, Kenya, Lebanon, Macedonia, Malaysia, Mexico, Pakistan, Palestine, Serbia, Switzerland, Syria, Thailand and Turkey in the span of a year. Ai Weiwei, the famous Chinese artist and political dissident, artfully captures the massive and shocking breadth of the global migration crisis in this epic film, which portrays the plight of today's 65 million forcibly displaced individuals - the highest number ever - forced out of their homes by war, famine and climate change on long, treacherous journeys in search of new lives.
Saturday 10th March 2018 - 3pm
Calais Children: A case to Answer 
Newcastle Arts Centre
67 Westgate Rd
Newcastle NE1 1SG

A compelling 62-minute film following the scandal of what happened to the almost 2000 lone children who were in the Calais Jungle as it burned down last year, most of whom had a legal case to be in the UK. What went wrong? Where are they now? And what can we do about it? 

The film screening begins at 3pm on Sat the 10th of March at 3pm followed by a discussion with the director, Sue Clayton.

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