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CRAG is a branch of ​​​​​​​​​​Carlisle One World Centre a local charity addressing global issues. ​
The company number is 4171458 and the charity number is 1088693.
If you'd like to make a donation by cheque, cash or any other method, please contact us for details. (Contact details below)
Christmas Lifeline Appeal from Positive Action in Housing

This is a UK wide Appeal for financial donations to support those who find themselves excluded, destitute and homeless this winter. Temperatures are freezing and the nights are getting darker. Many are left without a lifeline during these most difficult times.

The Lifeline Service offers shelter, crisis grants, food and help to destitute refugees and asylum seekers. Refused refugees have no right to housing, jobs or state support. New refugees are routinely left destitute despite being entitled to support. As well as humanitarian aid, we proactively help people to resolve a crisis and rebuild their lives. The government’s decision to force refugees to travel to Liverpool to prove their cases means we are giving travel grants to those without funds. In 2017, we gave over £42,000 in crisis grants to destitute people from mainly Syria, Eritrea, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Palestine and Yemen. Since September 2015, we have arranged over 40,000 nights of free shelter in the homes of volunteer hosts in London, Glasgow and Edinburgh and elsewhere. However, there is a growing destitution crisis. During the freezing winter months, we are distributing crisis grants to hundreds of vulnerable children, women and men. Our Christmas surgery in Glasgow will see over 500 people.  We expect a greater demand from the elderly, pregnant women, families and the sick. With your help we can do more. We need you to stand up for refugees and help protect them.The number of families with very young children seeking help has increased since last year. These families come from 50 different countries, with Syria, Iran, Iraq, Zimbabwe, Sudan and Afghanistan ranking the highest numbers. Last year PAIH arranged 21,977 nights of shelter and distributed a total of £42,200 in hardship grants throughout the year.

To find out how you can help ease the pain, suffering and loneliness of a destitute person or family this Christmas and through the winter, please visit this LINK . Every penny donated goes directly to those in need.

Get a LOVE Tee-Shirt and help raise funds for destitute refugees

At a time when the world faces many challenges; when rhetoric of hate and division has found itself centre stage; we believe sharing this simple message has never been more vital.

We all have a choice. To be motivated by fear and animosity, to build walls and turn our backs on the world. Or to nurture the hopeful; to recognise our common future. To choose love. The world can feel broken, but everywhere these cracks are letting in light.

We’re under no illusions. We know we face some huge challenges. But if there’s one thing we’ve learned as charity, and as a community, it’s that we can all play a part in creating the world we want to see. And choosing love seems like a pretty good place to start.

So join us. Spread this message. Grab one of our iconic t-shirts, designed by Katharine Hamnett. It’ll raise funds to support our incredible family of partner projects and help broadcast this message of hope and unity.

Click on Love.

Appeal for The Tiafi Community Centre - Physiotherapy for Syrian children

The Tiafi Community Centre has about 30 children receiving treatment on a weekly basis - all Syrian refugees. In Turkey, there is no system where these children can access much needed treatment; they just do not fit into the system. Some of these children have deformities - scoliosis, cerebral palsy, cystic fibrosis - while many others are victims of bombings in Syria and have not to date received any form of physiotherapy. It is vital that these children receive treatment as soon as possible so that their condition does not deteriorate beyond the point of no return. There is a great need to raise money to buy "Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation Equipment" for the physiotherapist working with these children. However, this type of equipment is expensive.

One of CRAG's volunteers was recently working at the Tiafi Centre and witnessed first hand the miracles that are happening daily to the children who receive treatment at this facility. Please read the 
November Timeline for his firsthand account.

For information and donations, please visit their website: